Vaigaasi Brahmotsavam Day 3.1: ✨GARUDA SEVAI✨
The most exciting part of Varadar’s Brahmotsavam-Garuda Sevai! 🦅 Sri Devarāja Swamy mounts His eagle mount, Garuda on the 3rd day of the 10-day Brahmotsavam. Crowds swell in Kancheepuram to witness this magnificent sight and the ‘kulukkal’ is a crowd-favourite! Kulukkal refers to the vigorous swinging of Varadar on His mount. I have made a humble attempt to portray ‘kulukkal’ of Varadar on Garuda in this artwork. Of course, this does no justice to the actual darshanam❤️
One day….one day…I will also go and witness it in real life! 😤 *meghu will manifest*
Done using Procreate on iPad ✨

Varadar – Garuda Sevai Closeup Look
Varadar Vaikasi Brahmotsavam Day 3: GARUDA VAHANAM / Garuda Sevai Painting

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