One day, I was cycling on the road. I saw a small girl crying on the pavement. I cycled as fast as possible.

I asked her, “what is the matter?”. She told me that she was walking with her parents and now she was lost.

She also told me that they had warned her several times that she should walk fast along with them or else she would be lost. But she did not listen. She became angry and stood there itself. She looked down with an angry face. But her parents continued walking. They thought she would follow them after a while. But she did not move from there and now she was lost and could not trace her parents.

Then I told her to stop crying. Soon she stopped crying. I went to a shop nearby and bought a chocolate. I gave it her.

I held her hand and walked with her to my cycle. I cycled with her to the Police Station. The little girl’s parents were waiting there. They hugged her and kissed her. They thanked me and went home.

A Small Story by Meghna
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