Last week, I was infected with dengue fever. Initially, we thought it was viral fever. I was completely normal on the third day and I went to school also. But on the third day night again I had fever. So we went to the doctor on the fourth day and he prescribed for a blood test. After a long time, I was having a blood test. I was in tears when they took my blood! When the report came in the evening, it was conformed that I was infected with dengue fever. But luckily, my platelet count did not reduce much.

Papaya-leafThen we visited the doctor again. He said there is no medicine for this fever and suggested full bed rest and asked me to take lots of natural juices (which I don’t take normally!) and fluids. He also said if I am not eating or drinking properly, or looking very tired or continuously vomiting, I had to get admitted.

My parents also went into a panic mode, roamed around many nearby places and papaya-leaves-for-crushingcollected a bunch of papaya leaves because they knew that papaya leaves are good for increasing the platelet count. But they did not inform me about the seriousness of my illness.


Initially drinking papaya leaves juice was very difficult for me because I never used to drink papaya-leaf-juiceraw leaves juices. But You should drink it if you get dengue fever. It is a very easy cure for dengue fever. Now I am very normal. I am suggesting this simple cure for you. But you need two leaves for 10 ml. Just make it, drink it and swallow it.



Next day, somebody told my mother that there is a Siddha medicine also for dengue called Nilavembu Kudineer. My father bought one packet from a shop near to Anna Arch (Anna Nagar). The procedure is to put it in a cup of water for some time and drink the water. That also was bit hard to drink but somehow I managed it. nilavembu-kudineer

On the 6th day we again checked the blood platelet count and it was increased! I was so happy… Now it is almost 10 days over and I am perfectly alright. I thank God, my parents, doctor and all others who helped to recover from this dangerous fever.


How we cured my Dengue Fever
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