This is a story written by Meghna on why Elephants are afraid of Tigers? Her own imagination, she used to create the story, which is translated to Hindi for her Speaking skills at the language class.

“There lived a tiger and an elephant in a forest.

They were close friends. A rabbit was also elephant’s friend.

One day, when the tiger and elephant were talking, the rabbit came to meet the elephant.

The tiger wanted to eat the rabbit, but the elephant opposed his idea.

The tiger did not agree and started attacking the rabbit.

The elephant became very angry and started fighting with the tiger.

The tiger was very strong and the elephant became tired.

He couldn’t find a way to rescue his friend rabbit.

So the elephant took the rabbit with his trunk and kept it on his back.

He ran away from the tiger and helped the rabbit.

From that day, elephants became afraid of the tigers.”

Why Elephants are afraid of Tigers? – Meghna’s Story
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