Does anyone like exams? Of course, no one would like exams. Even I don’t like exams at all. But, however, we have to write exams to get a good job in future. Learning for exams is tough right? I know the reasons why everyone dislikes exams.

Some reasons are:

1. You have to learn a lot.
2. You can’t get any free time to play or go outside.
3. Lots of tension makes you restless and causes headaches.
4. Exams are very long, unlike short tests kept in class.
5. The word ‘MARKS’ gives you a headache.

But there are some things which you can do to write your exams well. They are:
1. Learn thoroughly. Know each and every part of your chapter.

2. For Mathematics, do your sums over and over again. The more you do your sums, the more you learn it.

3. For other subjects, like Science, read all the chapters very carefully first, and then start learning. This makes you comfortable with it more.

4. If you are unable to understand a part of your chapter, first read it properly and carefully. Then also if you are not able to understand it, ask your mother, father, elder siblings or anyone you think who can answer to your question.

5. If you feel you are weak at questions and answers, then keep a special book for it when you study. First learn the question answers. Write it down on your special book. Check it with the original questions and answers. Spot your mistakes and correct them by rewriting it.

6. Have the correct material for your exam. Pens, pencils, erasers, rewriters, rulers etc. should be kept in your box or pouch correctly. Don’t forget to take your Hall Tickets and Identity Cards to the examination hall. Don’t take anything except your Exam Pad, your pencil pouch, your hall tickets and ID cards.

7. Sit in your place and be relaxed. Don’t have overconfidence. Don’t have tension. There is nothing to worry about.

8. When you get your question paper, read through it thoroughly first. Answer all the questions in your mind. If you don’t understand any question, read it again and again. Then relate it with what you have learnt. Then also if you cannot understand, ask the invigilator kindly what you cannot understand. Don’t ask like you are asking the answer.

9. Write with the pen which you feel the most comfortable. Write neatly. Draw the diagrams (if needed) neatly and colour them in. Keep a watch on the clock for the time.

10. After you have finished, check the paper thoroughly. Spot any mistakes. If the paper is Mathematics, then check the sums again and again. Try to avoid any silly and careless mistakes. Pin up the paper neatly and submit it. Before submitting, check whether you have written answers to all the questions correctly, your roll number, name, class, date etc. After you have done everything, submit the paper with confidence.

I followed all these tips and got good marks in my exams. You can also follow these and get 100
100 in your exams!!!!

My Tips for Writing Exams Well !!
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