The Curious Case of The Imagination Thief by my school The Schram Academy was a brilliant show held on 2 days, Jan 20, 21, 2017 at Sir Mutha VenkataSubba Rao Hall, Chetpet. The Show was directed by Director Nilu, Written by Harry Mac Lure, Music by Dan Kristen Dances choreographed by John Brittos’ Dance Co.

The story was about a thief who steals the imagination of children and two sisters who go on a time travel back into 1753 – Robert Clive times and again back to Poet Thiruvalluvar’s time, to stop the thief from his mission. Rich history of Madras was portrayed well by the team with colourful enthusiastic dance performance by students of The Schram Academy. All the leading actors did a wonderful job. Dialogue delivery was really good. Overall a marvelous piece of work!!! I am lucky to be part of it…

Here is a news item which appeared in a local news paper about our play.

Another Article about the Play which appeared in The New Indian Express a few days back.
Travel through time with Schram Academy

The Curious Case of The Imagination Thief – A Brilliant Show

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