Waterfalls Nature Water Color Painting Video done by me. This video contains step by step pictures of this watercolor painting of a forest waterfalls.

Simple technique used, may not be up to perfection. Please bear with the shortcomings. Needs to understand more video techniques too 🙂

Things Needed : Water Color Sheet, Artist Water Colors, Palette, Brushes (I used round synthetic brushes), Water, White Acrylic paint

Made the sketch of the painting. Applied the first coats of paint by diluting the watercolor paints. After the first coat dried up, started with later coats of bright shades for water, trees, leaves etc. Later applied the leaf textures with more thick paint. After the paints dried, finally used white acrylic paint for the waterfalls effect and the splashing water. Hope everyone likes it. Please watch the video and encourage me.

Waterfalls Water Color Painting Video

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