Won Grade ‘A’ Award in Shoobharts Competition 2016 conducted by Shoobh Group, New Delhi.

Shoobh Theme of the year was “GANGA”. Participants were asked to paint the beauty of Ganga and selected paintings were awarded Grade A Award by Shoobh Jury Board headed by Senior Artist Padma Shri Anjolie Ela Menon and other leading artists.

This painting is my original creation from my thoughts on the beauty of river Ganga.

River Ganga is considered as the holy river Mother Ganga. A dip in Mother Ganga is believed to relieve you from all your sins. Waters of river Ganga has medicinal powers. We should keep this great river from Polluting. Ganga River is the lifeline of our country. We should protect HER.

Medium : Water Colors

Grade ‘A’ Award in Shoobharts Competition 2016

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