Poikkaal Kuthirai Aattam or Puravi Aattam Acrylic Painting done by me.

Poikkaal Kuthirai Aattam (Dummy Horse Dance) is one of the ancient folk art forms of Tamilnadu, still practiced in many parts of Tamilnadu, especially during village festivals. In this type of dance, the dancer performs with a dummy horse having a gap inside and on a wooden leg.

The dancers will have colourful costumes and ornaments. Puravi Aattam needs a lot of skills and can be performed only with a lot of practice. Poikkaal Kuthirai Aattam dance is performed by a pair of dancers dressing as the King and the Queen.

This painting was done for a competition, but unfortunately I couldn’t sent it.

Medium : Acrylic on Paper

“Poikkaal Kuthirai Aattam” Acrylic Painting

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