I have a dream for my country India. I wish that my motherland should be a completely developed country at least by 2025.

The country should not face poverty, hunger or unemployment and should be the kind of place where people from other countries migrate to for a better living standard.

Each woman should be able to walk on our streets without fear but with confidence, freedom, and self-dependence. No Indian child should cry under the wrath of child labour. Child employers should be given a lifetime imprisonment.

First of all, the basic thing that the Indian Government should do is increase the fine amount and the severity of punishments. People spit on the roads without having the fear of being fined. The Government should not feel pity for those who violate rules and they should be severely punished. Then only will they learn and then only will our country become a clean, free and beautiful country.

As many scholars say, education too plays a major role in the development of a country. The higher the literacy rate, the higher the number of educated and skilled people and then only will the country develop with the efforts of the skilled ones.

I also dream that the dark forces of corruption, bribery, inhumanity, illiteracy, unemployment, deceit, mistrust and hate will be destroyed forever and that my countrymen will live together with peace and harmony.

The Dream I have for India…
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