Here are some Simple Daily Slokas for a Good Day. I now recite them everyday and it gives a wonderful feel.

Morning Sloka:
When you open your eyes in the morning, don’t forget to look at your hands and recite this sloka…

Karaagre vasadhe Lakshmi
Karamadhye Saraswathi
Karamule tu Govinda
Prabhate Kara Darshanam…


In the top of the hand dwells Lakshmi Devi,
In the middle of the hand dwells Saraswathi Devi,
On the base of the hand dwells Lord Maha Vishnu,
Thus my hand is divine and I see it every morning..

Earth (Bhoomidevi) Sloka:
The Earth bears all your weight throughout the day. We all stamp her with our feet. So in order to apologize to her, recite this sloka before you keep your foot down from your bed:

Samudra vasane Devi,
Parvata Stana Mandale,
Vishnupatni Namasthubhyam,
Paada Sparsha Kshamasvame…

O Goddesss who wears the ocean(samudra)as her garments(vasane),
and the mountains (parvatha)as her bosom(sthana mandalay),
I bow down to you(namasthubhyam), the wife of Vishnu(Vishnupatni),
Please forgive me for touching you with my feet…
pada- feet sparsha- touch kshamasvame- forgive me

The River Sloka:
This sloka should be recited before every bath. This makes the water pure.

Gangecha Yamune chaiva
Godavari Saraswati
Narmade Sindhu Kaveri
Jalesmin Sannidhim Kuru

O Holy rivers of Ganga, Yamuna, Godavari, Saraswati, Narmada, Sindhu and Kaveri,
I ask for your presence in this water and make it pure like you.

Sloka of Lord Shiva:
This sloka washes away all the sins and mistakes you have done during the day. Recite this sloka before bed. It asks Lord Shiva to forgive you for all the wrongs you have done:

Karacharana Kritam Vaakkaayajam Karmajam Vaa
Sravana Nayanajam Vaa Maanasam Vaa Aparadham
Vihitham Avihitham Sarvame Kshamasyava
Karunaabdhe Sri Mahadeva Shambho…

Whatever Acts (karma) are produced by my kara (hands), charana (feet), vaak (mouth), kaaya ( body),

sravana (ears), nayana ( eyes), maanasam ( mind),
knowingly (vihitham) or unknowingly (avihitham) ,
Please forgive them all,
O Lord Shiva, the ocean of kindness….

Simple Daily Slokas for a Good Day

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