This year, as usual, we toured Kerala, my native place. We left for Kerala on the 2nd of May 2018 on the famous Trivandrum Mail (the new version of No.20, Madras Mail). We got down at Thiruvalla Station and traveled to Haripad in an auto. My grandparents were glad to see me and I was too.

My native house is an old-fashioned one. The house stands in the middle of a large area of land. The remaining area is full of trees and plants. Once there was even a small pond there, but my grandparents closed it due to the breeding of mosquitoes. My house backyard is really a mini-forest.

This summer, to my horror, I even saw a brownish-yellowish snake slithering through the dried leaves on the ground! I rushed to my grandma and reported this to her. To my surprise, she replied that it was very normal there, and relieved me by saying that it was a harmless ratsnake. But I’m still scared to visit that part of the backyard where I had spotted the rat snake. After a day or so, when I was clicking pictures with my dad, I saw it again! This time it was feasting on a dead frog (yuck!) , and as soon as it saw me and my dad peering at it, it slithered away into the thick bushes.

On the 4th of May (my birthday), my grandma and my mom cooked a special lunch, including payasam. I got many birthday wishes through Facebook and Whatsapp, and I thanked all of them.

The next day, we went to meet my mom’s old school friends, Aparna aunty, Anjali aunty, and Gauripriya aunty. On the way, I also visited my mom’s native house, at Thiruvalla, and saw all my relatives there. We returned quickly, as it had started raining. I was so happy to meet the raindrops again, as they hardly visit us in Chennai.

On 6/5/18, we visited a lot of relatives and family members, living in Kerala. I have three aunts on my dad’s side, my dad being the youngest. My elder two aunts live in Kerala and my youngest aunt lives in Mumbai. So, we visited them all after a long time and I got a chance to meet my 3-year-old niece, Nivedhya, the cutie.

On 9th May, I left God’s Own Country, and travelled to the Financial Capital of India, Mumbai and visits my Ammamma and aunt there.

My Trip to Kerala, God’s Own Country in May 2018
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