Some New, Daily-Usable Words I learnt recently…

My English teacher asked us to collect some 10 words which were new to us which could be spoken in daily life. So here they are:

  • Peril- Serious Danger
  • Bimbo- An attractive but unintelligent woman
  • Notary- Lawyer authorized to witness signing of contracts etc.
  • Amputate- Cut off a limb
  • Anchovy- A small strong tasting fish
  • Quintessential- The most perfect example of something
  • Divest- Deprive of
  • Idyll- A very happy or peaceful situation
  • Ignoramus- A very ignorant person
  • Absurd- Completely illogical or ridiculous
  • Fuming- Angry/ burning
  • Vicious- Cruel or violent
  • Subtle- So delicate or precious to be difficult to describe
  • Frigid- Very cold
  • Amity- Friendly relations between people or countries
  • Elude- Cleverly escape from or avoid
  • Solemnity- Formal and dignified
  • Snuggle- Settle into a warm and comfortable position
  • Cringe- Cower in fear
  • Tedious- Too long and dull
  • Impart- Communicate information
  • Brawny- Physically strong
  • Despair- Complete lack of hope
  • Despicable- Deserving hatred and contempt
  • Extradition- Hand over an accused person for trial
  • Kaput- Broken
  • Joival- Happy
  • Dauntless- Fearless
  • Benevolent- Well meaning and kindly

These are just a few words. There are many more hundreds of words in the English language. There are about 1,71,476 in the Oxford Dictionary and an average person knows only about 20,000 English words. So it’s time to learn more English words, isn’t it? My best advice is: READ MORE BOOKS. That’s the only way to help you out.

Some New, Daily-Usable Words in English
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