Destructive though it might be, the novel Corona virus has definitely given us all a break, not to mention the excuse to stay at home for office-goers and workers. Even students who were supposed to have school right now have gained an unexpected vacation. The only gloomy part of this is that we’re not able to enjoy it as a proper vacation.

Usually, a proper vacation means going out, traveling abroad, visiting malls, beaches, shopping complexes, parks, tourist spots and participating in summer camps. Corona virus has successfully poured water on all these activities. Children can’t find anything to do to overcome their boredom, nor will most parents allow them to play outside with their friends now.

Most people resort to watching movies, playing mobile games and looking up social media the whole day. Now, I don’t think those are really good ideas to put off the everlasting boredom. If you know how to properly use your vacation, you’ll be surprised how busy you’ll be, more busy than your usual school or work routine.


You can watch movies. But restrict to one movie per day. Continuous watching can cause headaches and eye pain. Remember that visiting hospitals or a doctor is not too simple as was before. Doctors have other dangerous diseases to attend to, not your small aches and pains.


Books can be a better way to use your newly-found holidays. Books can take you places without having to travel, especially in this situation, where travel is the most dangerous. Books can also help you while away your time during this pandemic.


What can be more relaxing than doing a rough pencil sketch or something colourful? Try using a new painting medium or try doing portraits. Or just do mandalas to ease off stress. Art does not necessarily mean painting or drawing. It can even be doing papercraft, quillings, or making a photo album. When will you get time for all this otherwise? Only now. So think what is interesting for you and get started!


It’s not just you who is forced to stay at home. Even your friends are in the same situation. You can still chat and talk with them. Organize a mission to complete within a due-date among your friends, cousins or relatives, such as:

Completing the same painting or sketch
Finish reading the same book
Clean up the same part of your homes such as the kitchen, or your own rooms, or any other creative idea! It will be fun. Regularly update your friends on your status in the mission. And make sure to complete it within the due-date!


There are very few homes that are completely clean and tidy. Cleaning up rooms will give you an enormous satisfaction, and it will be more satisfying when you remember that you yourself did it. Then try decorating your walls or doors with pictures of yourself, your friends, your family or your favourite people. It will definitely make you busy for a while!


If you are already a regular diary-writer, then excellent. For those who are not familiar with the pros of diary writing, I would recommend it to you, especially during these days. Just imagine, after months or years after Corona virus finally leaves this planet, you find this diary of yours, containing all the records of events that happened when you were forced to isolate yourself at home. Think of how you’ll feel that time!

Hence, there are so many ways to overcome this Corona-triggered-boredom. Let’s hope that we can bid goodbye to Corona very soon and continue our routine life, even though that’s a boredom to many. Whew! People’s moods are really confusing, aren’t they?

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