Good morning friends, and respected teacher! Today, I am here to give a speech on the importance of education.

Why do you think education is important?

Well, there are a lot of reasons as to why. Firstly, education helps a person to become knowledgeable. It gives the person the ability to think and apply them practically in life.

Proper education can effectively change the lifestyle of whole societies. When people think, then ideas come up. When ideas come up, then come new plans, new creations, new models and so on. Hence, education also helps in the development of man.

But the development of a single society is not enough. We need national development. Yes, it can definitely be achieved to a great extent, if all the citizens in the country are literate. Those who are not literate, for example, the child labourers, construction workers, beggars, and others, are the harbringers of poverty, discrimination and crimes. If they are educated, not only in knowledge, but also good and moral values, then India is sure to become a fully developed country.

This can actually happen, because, if you are well-educated, then you have no restriction to go looking for a job. And if you prove your capability, then surely, your life is settled.

And of course, school-life is something that no child should miss. It is the stage when a child learns to memorise things, make friends, respect elders, and dream of his or her future. Hence education is of vital importance in every human being’s life.

Let us hope that every child in our country as well as the world, is not denied his or her educational rights and become a successful person in life.

Thank you.

Speech on the Importance of Education
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