Recently I’ve resumed playing the game ‘Township’ on my dad’s tablet. Developed by Playrix, I used to play it long back, and stopped playing for some time due to schoolwork. But now, during the quarantine days, with nothing much left to do, I remembered this game and resumed my play on it.

Township loading page

It’s a pretty addicting game if you have high hopes of going on to the next levels. As for me, I love it, since I favour such type of building-and-maintaining-a-thing games, more than violent ones that involve gunfire, and war etc., etc. So, basically, Township is a game (which can be installed directly from Google Play) in which you build a small town and develop it into a bustling, prosperous mega-city. It involves all the factors of production, the three sectors of the economy: production, manufacturing, and services and transport. It’s quite interesting to play it.

Harvesting: You can grow and harvest crops like wheat, corn, carrot, potato, sugarcane, cocoa, tomato, rubber, silk, strawberry, and lots more (I don’t know much since I’m still in the 32nd level only). You can use them to produce goods in factories. If you have surplus, you can sell them. You can use it to fill train, plane, and customer orders too.


Cattle, Poultry and other Animals: You can buy animals like cows, chicken, sheep, pigs etc., and grow them to get products like milk, eggs, wool etc. Milk can be processed into various milk products and also used in other products, wool can be used to make yarn and woollen clothing etc. You can even raise bees for honey. These animals have to be fed with a their respective fodder or feed, produced by a separate mill.

A cowshed

Manufactured Products: Items such as bread, butter, sugar, paper, yarn etc., are produced by separate factories. Using these basic processed products as well as other raw products, other complex items including food, clothing, and inedible products like perfumes, bags, furniture etc., are made by other higher-level factories. These can be sold to the customers from the same town, or sold through trains and planes.

The cost and complexity of factories increase as you go to higher levels of play.

A Jam Factory
Different Factories

The Train: You can send products or materials via train, and it will bring back construction materials and mining tools. You can buy a maximum of 3 trains.

Filling the Train Orders

The Aeroplane: The plane lands regularly in your airport and you have to fill in the orders, which will earn you money, gems, and leaderboard points. But you have to fill it up within the stipulated time, or the plane will take-off without you getting all the money and gems.

Filling the Plane Orders

 The Helicopter: The helicopter from the helipad delivers the orders of the citizens of your town. You get paid for your products sold to the citizens.

Filling citizen orders through helicopter

The Ship: The ship travels to far-off lands and brings back items which you cannot produce in your land like watermelons, peaches, plums etc. If you add ingots made of precious metals, then higher the possibility of getting rarer items along with a treasure. Sometimes you can find a treasure in the sea too.

The ship travels to far-away lands

The Mine: You can extract precious metals like gold, silver, copper, and platinum in the form of their ores from the mine in your town. The mining tools are brought by the train, but you can also buy them using Township cash. The metal is extracted from the ore in the foundry, and can be used to increase the value of ship cargoes.

Mining ores using tools

The Houses: A town definitely needs people and people need houses. You have to build the houses for the people. By building more houses, you can increase the population of your city, which will help you to reach higher levels. The types of houses range from small cottages to towering apartments.Different types of houses

Different buildings such as the hospital, church, launderer, police station, school etc.

The Zoo: You can build a zoo for your town too. You can bring animals, build them enclosures and decorate your zoo the way you want. The customers there make orders which you have to fulfill too.

The Zoo


Decorating your Town: Decorating and making your town-plan is the most interesting thing in the game. There are so many decorations available and you can plant trees, buy statues, hedges, bridges, benches, and many other things. You can decide where and how your town’s roads will go. You can create customised water bodies, ice-floors, sandy floors, grass lawns and mud ditches. You can build customised pavements on these floors.

Buying town decorations from the store
Editing your town plan

The Co-Op: You can join a group called a co-op with other players of Township. With these members, you can participate in regular regattas and win prizes. You can also chat and ask for help in these co-ops.

The Co-op and regattas

Help and get help: This is one nice policy of Township. You can visit other players’ towns and fill their plane, train or zoo orders and get paid for it, when they ask for help. they’ll also send you a golden clover which will help you in the House of Luck. You can do the same too. You can ask for help in your orders and send clovers to those who helped.

Helping friends

There are lot more features in this amazing game, but I haven’t still explored them all, since I’m still in a lower level. There are so many more things to unlock, build and produce in my town in the Township Game!

‘Township’ Game Review
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