Ludo King has become a trending game now, due to the lock down. Everyone are at home, and it’s interesting to note that things which were not so much of concern or interest to people are now becoming popular, only because people are sitting bored at home. Ludo King and similar games are an example. Such games were considered ‘boring’ earlier, and now? It is now installed on almost everyone’s gadget.

It has become more popular because you can play it with your friends and family, thus connecting people during lockdown. If your friends are not available, then the computer is always ready to play with you.

Ludo is a quite simple game. Each player has 4 pawns, and the goal is to bring all four of them to the central end point. The one who does this first is the winner.

The pawn is moved that number of times which is comes on the dice, which is thrown. If you get six, you get another chance to roll the dice. If another player’s pawn reaches the block on which you are, then you have to return to your starting position. But you are safe from this on certain marked blocks. To enter, you have to get the number six when you roll the dice.

It is an interesting game to play. It arouses tension at times, when another colour pawn is right behind you, and can throw you back to the start point anytime. It is entertaining when the players are your friends and family, who cannot meet in real, but can play games together. It is a good and satisfying game.

You can either create a room or join a room by entering the private code that is provided. A maximum of four players can play this game. You can choose one out of four colours: Red, Blue, Green and Yellow. When there are four players, there are three winning positions, and the fourth winner is the loser. You even earn coins when you win a game.

Do try this game out, it is the most trending game out there right now!  Invite your friends and family members and enjoy this boring lock down period, by doing such kinds of interesting activities.

P.S: There are many similar Ludo games when you search ‘Ludo’ on Playstore. The one I mentioned above is ‘Ludo King’ by Gametion.


Ludo King Game Review
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