Festive Mood On!🥳 Wishing you all an advance Happy Diwali 2020💖

Decided to draw my favourite sweet Motichoor Laddoo for my quiet and safe Diwali.😊🥰

Prismacolour Pencils on Black Chart!!

Decided to keep my Diwali as simple as possible WITHOUT bursting crackers and adding to the pollution during this pandemic.😷

I’ve been following Crackers-Free Diwali for the past 5 years, to do my part for Mother Earth.🌍 And it’s sad to see many people still wasting so much money to buy huge crackers and bombs, and scare the life out of poor domestic and street animals and birds.😠

I request you all to avoid buying crackers this year, however small or big, the din is deafening, to be honest. I hope you all will understand and do only good for the environment which has done nothing but good for us. 😊 Spend a Diwali by savoring your favourite sweets, lighting diyas and buying new dresses, why make unnecessary possibilities for accidents, and spoil the fun?🤷

Advance Sweet Diwali 2020 Greetings

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