This is a speech I prepared for my Class 11 CBSE, English Speaking Skills on the topic ” The need to imbibe the principles of honesty, gentleness and cooperation to counter the growing violence in today’s world”

The topic was given like this :

You are the class representative, class XI of Gandhi Memorial School, Pushpa Vihar. You have been asked to prepare a speech on the need to imbibe the principles of honesty, gentleness and cooperation to counter the growing violence in today’s world. Draft a speech in about 120-150 words.


Respected Principal, teachers and dear friends, greetings to all of you. I am in front of you today to share a few thoughts on the principles of honesty, gentleness and cooperation, which are the basic principles of a peaceful world. If we wish to counter the growing violence around us, these values are the only solution open to us.

Truthfulness is the basis of social stability. It will help us get rid of all the violence in this world. Mere words and simple acts can have a  tremendous effect on the most stubborn people. Be true to yourself, to the people around you and to your nation. 

Honesty is one of the most liked characteristics. It can take you to surprising places in life!

Gentleness. You need to be gentle towards everyone: whether younger or older than you, whether more or less learned than you. Being gentle does not mean being timid, it means that you have great patience. Gentle people are very much respected in the society. They are generally kind, honest and tolerant. To become gentle, one needs to learn to control your patience. Try your best to not lose patience even in the most toughest of situations. It will definitely show you a different path in life.

And finally, cooperation. Learn to cooperate with everyone. Listen to whatever the other person is trying to tell without jumping to conclusions. Patience and tolerance is very much needed here. In fact, all these qualities- cooperation, gentleness and truthfulness are all linked with each other. We need these three characteristics to overcome all the violence in this world.

The gentle, truthful and cooperative human being will always try to avoid violence and will solve problems through Ahimsa, Mahatma Gandhi subtle method of worldly peace. Thank you.

A Speech for School Children on the Principles of Honesty, Gentleness & Cooperation to Counter Growing Violence

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