Disneytober Day 7: Moana🌊
I don’t deserve to say day-7, it’s like the day-22 now😆

I’ve decided to take some time to finish this ill-fated series👀 anyway, here’s Moana, from the movie ‘Moana’ (2016)!

Moana was the first Disney film I ever saw without any spoilers, I just loved it so much that Moana was my favourite Disney Princess for about a month until I went back to Elsa and Anna later😆🙈❤️ I still love her character though, and one of the best animated movies Disney ever made, the sceneries and the ocean is just everything in this movie!🌊🌊


Disneytober Day 7: Moana from 2016 Disney Film ‘Moana’ Pencilcolor Painting

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