Navaratri series Day 5: Vaishnavi
🎶Garudan meethil Vaishnavi aanaal..🎶 -Janani Jagath Karani Dance Drama by SDN 🙏🏼❤️
Devi Vaishnavi is the Shakti of Lord Mahavishnu. According to the Vamana Purana, She is said to have originated from one of Devi Kaumāri’s hands. She mounts the mighty Garuda, and holds the Shankha (conch), Chakra, a lotus flower, and a Gadha (mace) in Her four hands. Like Lord Mahavishnu, Vaishnavi is also heavily adorned with ornaments like necklaces, bangles, anklets etc. She wears a cylindrical crown called ‘Kirīta Makuta’.
Each of the Sapthamāthrikas represent the destruction of a bad human quality. Vaishnavi represents greed, hence by worshipping Her, one can get rid of the desire to own more.
Done using Camlin Acrylic paint on Watercolour Sheet (no references used, own creation).

Painting Process Video :

Navaratri Series Day 5: Matrika Devi Vaishnavi Painting

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