Navaratri series Day 6: Vārāhī Devi🙏🏼💙
🎶vārāha vadivil Vārāhī ammayum🎶– Janani Jagath Karani, Dance Drama by SDN 🙏🏼❤️
Vārāhī or Vairali is the power of Varāhā, the third and boar-headed form of Lord Mahavishnu. Usually depicted with Her characteristic sow face on a human body, She has a black complexion like a storm cloud. She wears a crown called karanda makuta with other ornaments. The Lalita Sahasranama, a collection of 1,000 names of the Divine Mother, calls Vārāhī the destroyer of the demon, Visukaran. Vārāhī is a ratri devata (night goddess), hence She is worshipped only after sunset and before sunrise. Shaktas consider Vārāhī to be a manifestation of the goddess Lalita Tripurasundari or as “Dandanayika” or “Dandanatha” – the commander-general of Lalita’s army. One worships Goddess Vārāhī for longevity.
Done using Camlin Acrylic paint on Watercolour Sheet (modelled on a very popular Ambāl dance pose😇)
Painting Process Video :

Navaratri Series Day 6: Matrika Devi Varahi Painting

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