✨ Theruvil Varāno?✨

🎶vAsal munnillAnO enakkoru vAcakam shollAnO nEsamAip-pullEnO kazhai vaitta
rAjanai vellEnO dEsikan ambalavANa naTam puri dEvAdi dEvan chidambaranAthan🎶

Though I didn’t get to see the padam Theruvil Varāno on stage, the item had already played its magic on me during the rehearsal sessions of SDN’s Param-The Ultimate. Harinie Jeevitha akka portraying the young nayika, Sheela Mam’s choreography and Kuldeep Sir’s voice just make it the perfect trio to melt in.🥺The lines ‘vAsal munnillAno’ and ‘dEsikan ambalavANa’ always leave me 🥺. So I tried to paint a scene incorporating both of these lines.

Let’s imagine that after all the pleas of the nayika, Natarajar has finally arrived. I tried to show the exact moment when she gasps hearing the sound of bells from the Lord’s feet behind her and realising that He has finally come. The Nataraja idol she was worshipping had come to life.

I don’t know what might happen after that though. Let’s just assume her wish has been fulfilled. Natarajar has come. An imaginary alternative ending to the item.
Done using Camlin Acrylic paint on Watercolour Sheet!❤️ Copyright protected, kindly do not repost.🙏🏼

Theruvil Varāno? Padam depicting Nayika’s Love for Lord Nataraja Painting

2 thoughts on “Theruvil Varāno? Padam depicting Nayika’s Love for Lord Nataraja Painting

    • December 12, 2023 at 10:02 pm

      The lady who is thinking of Lord Nataraja in this context.. Nayika means heroine!!


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