Happy Children’s Day! Thought of painting young Krishna and Balarama for Children’s Day this year. So, this is what happened:

“Daau, come on,” whined young Krishna to his elder brother. “All the aunties have gone out for the village council meet today. Yashoda amma has gone with them too. I say, this is the perfect opportunity we shouldn’t miss!”

Balarama looked half-heartedly at stubborn Krishna. He didn’t want to get caught stealing butter again. Mother Yashoda had specifically warned him not to entertain butter-stealing in front of Krishna, as if the young prankster didn’t have enough mischievous ideas already. Though being the elder one and thus responsible for Krishna’s acts, there was still a child within Balarama that wanted to go, get that huge pot down and devour all the butter inside.

“Daau, pleaseee?” begged Krishna again, now trying to make a puppy-face. “Just one last time!”

Balarama didn’t believe those last words. He sighed.

“Well, since Amma and the others probably won’t be back by noon, I think we can have one last go,” said Balarama, slowly making a mischievous smile. Krishna’s face lit up and made an even more mischievous smirk.

Moments later,

“KRISHNA! BALARAMA!! Not again!” rang out Yashoda amma’s voice, who seemed to have returned earlier than the boys had expected. They were caught.💥
Happy Children’s Day! This is my last year being an official kid on Children’s day😛
Done using Camlin Acrylic paint on Watercolour Sheet. Own idea and creation. Copyright protected.

Young Krishna and Balarama Painting for Children’s Day 2021

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