Commissioned work for dearest @_devinaverma_ 🥰

🎶Mira vizhigalil kalarndhavan
Radha uyirinai karaindhavan🎶
-from SDN’s Shri Krishna Vaibhavam dance drama

This was done as a commission for my dear friend Devina Verma from Patna.🥰 It took me almost 5 months to finish this work, and the idea is Devina’s as she wanted the painting to show both Mirabai and Radha Ji showing their kind of devotion to Lord Krishna. I was really eager to work on this, as it is unusual to see all three of them together in one painting. And I thoroughly enjoyed it too, as the specifications made by Devina were kinda new to me and I had a good experience trying to incorporate them in this.❤️

I really want to mention her patience with me, because I had exams, programs and continuous rehearsals which forced me to delay the finishing of the work by almost a month or two, but still she was as excited as on the first day and told me to take my time. I think that is really important when working with someone. Love you for your patience and enthusiasm, Devina! ☺️

Done using Acrylic paint on A3 sized Watercolor sheet ❤️

KRISHNĀRPANAM | Lord Krishna Radha & Mirabai Painting | Commissioned Artwork

One thought on “KRISHNĀRPANAM | Lord Krishna Radha & Mirabai Painting | Commissioned Artwork

  • December 19, 2022 at 8:13 am

    नजर श्रीकृष्ण जैसी हो तो सारी दुनियामे प्रेम हे। और नजर मिरा जैसि हो तो सारी दुनिया मे श्री कृष्ण हे।।💝🙏
    Love is the most beautiful thing in the world..it can not be touched cannot be seen…it can only be felt in the HeaRt..❤❤🙏🙏
    A very Beautiful painting…👌👌💖💖💖


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