I’ve been wanting to paint Nataraja Swamy for such a long time, so I grabbed the opportunity when we were asked to paint a watercolor still life work for my college assignment in Basics of Fine Arts.

This one made me realise that painting these types of works in actual watercolor is rather harder than painting in acrylic using ‘watercolour method’, the thing I usually do for most of my works.🥲

This was quite a challenge (especially the fact that it was done on the day before the deadline) and turned out a bit different than what I had imagined. Of course, I will be painting more Natarajas, with more effort and time. I can never get tired of this.😌❤️

Done using Watercolors on A4 size Canson sheet. Prints are available, please DM!

NATARAJA Swamy Idol Watercolor Painting

One thought on “NATARAJA Swamy Idol Watercolor Painting

  • December 19, 2022 at 8:18 am

    चंड़म प्रतिचंड़म मधुरहसन्त्ं…नटराजरुपम कष्ट हरम।।
    Mahadev Har..🙏


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