🎶bharagavakhya tapasveesa bhaavanaa bhaavithathmaney akshaya theera theerthastu bhargavayaasthu mangalam🎶

6th one in my Ahobilam: Nava Narasimha Painting Series, after 8 months of painting the 5th one in September 2022🥲 But here I am, back to painting whatever I wish to, unlike the last one year when I forced to paint only my college assignments 🙂

Bhargava Narasimha Swamy temple at Ahobilam is based on the legend in which Lord Parashurama meditated upon Lord Narasimha (an avatharam of Lord Mahavishnu to another :-D) to bless him with the darshan of the exact moment when Lord Narasimha slayed Hiranyakashipu. Lord Narasimha obliged and Parashurama requested Him to manifest Himself there in that form. Thus, this deity is named Bhargava Narasimha, the one who gave darshan to Bhargava. Images of the Dashavataram are found on the prabhavali and young Prahlada is also found at the feet of the Lord.

Hoping to continue and finish this loooong pending series soon and work on my other ideas too!

Done using Acrylic paint on A4 size watercolor sheet. Prints for sale!

Image of Bhargava Narasimha Swamy idol from Google.

Bhargava Narasimha Swamy Painting | Ahobilam Nava Narasimha Series – 6

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