rAvE ISwara! kAvavE varadA!
saMrakshiMpu, BadrAtmakA!
kAvavE varadA!
kAvavE varadA!

A very very memorable commission I did for dearest Devina (@_devinaverma_ ).❤️ Upon her desire that whatever I painted for her this time should be something which is really close to my heart and which I’ve been wanting to do for a long time, we chose to recreate the popular image of Gajendra Moksham 🙏🏻

It’s been an interesting journey with this painting, thanks to Devina’s patience, and His interventions during the process (I also got to witness the actual Garuda Sevai in Kancheepuram after which I started the first outline of this piece🩵), it’s finally done after like two whole months🫢

Done using Acrylic paint in both acrylic and watercolor methods ❤️

Gajendra Moksham Painting | Commissioned Work for Devina
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