Late to the party, but Happy birthday πŸͺˆπŸ¦š
A paper-pen visualisation of one of the sancharis in Ganam Isaithu Nindrayo Varnam, which I’m preparing for my arangetram on 17th September 2023πŸ’™

POV: The nayika as a young girl gets hold of a Krishnar bommai and it becomes her favourite thing ever. She admires the right foot crossed over the left, the graceful tilt of the hip, the lotus-like face and the manner in which He holds the flute. She grows up to fall in love with it and asks Him to come to her everyday without fail.
He ‘seems’ to reply with irresistibly melodious notes from the flute in His hands…or does He not?

P.S: Lost a bet with b’day boy and had to do this sketch within yesterday night. He always wins every bet ever. Always. Happy Janmashtami!!

Krishna Pen Drawing | Ganam Isaithu Nindrayo
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