✨ Perundhēvi Thāyār ✨ – Commissioned Painting
The divine consort of Lord Varadharaja Swamy residing in Perumal Koil, Kancheepuram, Goddess Lakshmi is known as Perundhēvi Thāyār here. 🪷🙏🏻
This painting portrays the story of Her generosity: once a very poor Brahmachari visited Āchārya Vedanta Deśikan and told about being unable to conduct his poonal ceremony because of poverty.
Swami Desikan took him to the murthi of Perundhēvi Thāyār, the divine consort of Lord Varadharāja and composed a stuthi on this murthi of Śrī Devi to receive Her blessings for the Brahmachari.
At the conclusion of the recitation of this new stuthi, a rain of gold coins poured in front of Swāmi Deśikan. The overjoyed Brahmachari collected the coins and offered his prayers and thanks to Swāmi Deśikan and Perundhēvi Thāyār.
Done as a commission work for @s.sr.k_15. Not my original idea, I’ve done this work as per the reference picture given to me by the client.♥️🙏🏻 Painted using Camlin Artist’s acrylic paint on A4 size.
Perundhēvi Thāyār | Commissioned Painting

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