✨ Brahmotsavam ✨
Happiest birthday Harinie Akka! This painting is for you who teleports us to witness the 10-day grand Brahmotsavam at Varadharāja Perumal temple in Kancheepuram everytime you perform your iconic Varadarājam Upāsmahē. Thank you for being so awesome and the constant drive of motivation that we all get by just seeing you dance and the joy that you get from it. ♥️
Tried an A5 sized quick one-night painting of Utsava Varadar in all His splendour and akka surrendering at His feet along with all His vahanas of the 10-day festival in the background in a subtle watercolor wash. Done majorly using Acrylic paint.
Once again, happy happy birthday akka!💗

Brahmotsavam at Kancheepuram Varadharāja Perumal Temple Painting | Happy Birthday Harinie Akka
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