✨Bāla Sita✨: BĀLA SERIES-4

Sita Devi, the daughter of King Janaka of Mithila, was found in a furrow while Janaka was performing the ritual ploughing of their land. Considered the daughter of Bhūmi Devi aka Mother Earth, Sita grew up listening to the wisdom passed on by esteemed sages like Ashtavakra, Gargi and Yagnyavalkya in her father King Janaka’s sabha.

One day, as young Sita was playing with her sakhis, their ball rolled into the hall where the divine bow of Lord Shiva, Pināka was worshipped. No one could single handedly pick up this bow, it had to be pushed into place by more than a dozen people. But to retrieve the ball, the mighty bow had to be moved. To everyone’s surprise, Bāla Sita effortlessly picked up the bow as if it was a feather, coolly picked up the ball from under it and went back to her game! King Janaka and Queen Sunaina were stunned at their young daughter’s strength and decided that the one to marry her would be the one to lift and string this divine Shiva Dhanush in her Swayamvara. Which as we all know, was achieved by Lord Rama, the beloved of Sita, and thus the Ramayana continues.

Painted using Acrylic paint on A5 watercolor sheet! Bāla Series continues ♥️

Bala Sita Painting : BALA SERIES-4

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