✨Bāla Hanumān✨: BĀLA SERIES-3

Bāla Series continues after Brahmotsavam Series! In the third painting of this cute series, we have Bāla Hanuman reaching for the Sun thinking it to be a fruit!

Lord Hanuman known by various names such as Anjaneya, Maruthi, Bajrangbali is the son of Lord Vayu, the God of Wind, and is the most devoted bhaktha of Lord Rama. His tales are well known and part of the epic Ramayana.

Hanuman Ji is very close to my heart, and His motto of “nothing is impossible” is such a confidence booster for me.
Forever a fan of His “Jai Shree Ram!”, especially when portrayed by Dara Singh in the old Ramayan Serial (Ramanand Sagar)!
Done using acrylic paint on A5 watercolor sheet❤️

Bala Hanuman Painting : BALA SERIES-3

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