Simple Daily Slokas for a Good Day

Here are some Simple Daily Slokas for a Good Day. I now recite them everyday and it gives a wonderful feel. Morning Sloka: When you open your eyes in the morning, don’t forget to look at your hands and recite this sloka… Karaagre vasadhe Lakshmi Karamadhye Saraswathi Karamule tu Govinda Prabhate Kara Darshanam… Meaning: In […] Continue reading →

The Dream I have for India…

I have a dream for my country India. I wish that my motherland should be a completely developed country at least by 2025. The country should not face poverty, hunger or unemployment and should be the kind of place where people from other countries migrate to for a better living standard. Each woman should be […] Continue reading →

Rainbow Macaw Watercolour Painting

This is one of my original paintings, started doing as a competition entry, but after finishing, did not want to send it. Loved the painting!! 🙂 So titled it “Rainbow Macaw”. Medium : Watercolor on Watercolour Pad Sheet. I use artists water colours for all the watercolor works. But for this painting, used the students […] Continue reading →

Traffic Safety Painting | Overloading Issue

Overloading is a big cause of concern on Indian roads. We have seen many accidents due to overloaded buses, autos, bikes etc on our roads. Overloading kills many dreams. Overloaded vehicles creates harm for the travelers as well as other road users as well. Here is my painting done for the inter school competition and […] Continue reading →