These are some of the drawings submitted by Meghna for online art contests.

The first time she participated in the contest was for 3peel annual contest in 2011 on the theme ” My Animal World“. She won the ‘Hall of Fame’ certificate for the following painting.

my animal world 2011 contest

Next was the online contest for the month of October 2011, the theme was ‘Joy of Festivals‘. She was the winner for the month.

joy of festivals oct 2011

For the next two months, the themes were Self Sketch and Winter Time. She couldn’t win them, but the pictures appeared on the 3peel newsletter.

Self Sketch Drawing
meghna sketch nov2011


Winter Time Paintingwinter time dec 2011

For the month of January 2012, the theme was ‘Lotus‘. Again her drawing appeared on the newsletter.

lotus jan 2012


In the month of February 2012, the theme was ‘Robots, Aliens and Other Creatures’. Meghna won the contest for that month for the following picture.
robots aliens feb2012

Themes for the next three contests were Circles and Dots, Geometrical Shapes and Superheroes. Meghna sent the following pictures for the contest.

Circles and Dots Drawing
circles and dots mar2012

A Clown using Geometrical Shapes
geometrical shapes may2012

Superheroes : Chota Bheem Drawing
superhero chota bheem may2012

Pictures Submitted for 3peel Online Contests

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