This painting of Pongal Festival is done for greeting friends on Pongal last year. Forgot to post this painting in the website during Pongal festival.

Medium : Water Color on Paper

Pongal is the harvest festival of Tamilnadu and is celebrated with great festivities especially in villages. Pongal is celebrated with making Pongal in mud pots, putting rangoli or kolams, worshiping cows, sun.

The first day Bhogi is the day when all the unwanted and old things will be burnt, there by cleaning the homes and surrounding, the second day is the Pongal festivals, all members of the family wear new clothes, make Pongal, etc. The third day is the Mattu Pongal, the day when cattle is worshipped, the 4th day Kanum Pongal is a day when people visit each other.

So here is my painting for Pongal Festival.

Pongal Festival Painting | Water Colour

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