Just as there are different painting mediums, there are numerous types of paintings:

Landscapes / Scenery:
Landscapes or scenes of nature are a popular type of painting. The most common ones done are the sunset paintings which involve a red sky, and a lake, pond or a beach reflecting the red sky. But there are many other types too, like scenes of green meadows, snowy mountains, a forest with a sparkling waterfall, a countryside scene with fields and farmers etc.


Portraits or paintings of individual people are also very famous, and tests the real artistic skills of an artist. Features of the person need to be established correctly in the painting to make it a masterpiece. Rules of human drawing need to be kept in mind while sketching the figures. Paintings or scenes having many people are especially difficult to draw.

While colouring the faces or skin of the person, special care needs to be taken that the hand is kept under good control, or else the features will look distorted.


Still Life:
Still life paintings can comprise anything from fruits to furniture. These paintings need good understanding of light and shadow. Using rulers and measurements will also help. There are so many famous still-life paintings that look so real that you’d refuse to believe they were painted!


Painting or drawing doesn’t just mean drawing realistic things. Doodling and designing are also part of them all. Doodling refers to filling up a space with closely drawn designs, with different components in it. It can include lines, waves, curves, dots, and more.

Mandalas are also a type of doodling. Mandalas are usually drawn inside a circle, making concentric circular designs. When you use intricate, difficult designs, the end result will be more beautiful. Usually they are done using black pens, but sometimes they are filled with colour too.


Tribal Art:
Tribal art is also not so realistic. There are numerous types of tribal arts around the world. The ones familiar to me are the Warli paintings, Gond art, Madhubani Paintings, Bhil art etc. They have a special and unique way of expressing their characters and objects, which is not seen anywhere else.

Even Tripura has a unique style of painting, popular even now.

Surrealism refers to paintings which use different objects or people to create another object, face or person, in a special or even weird manner. Such images are unreal, and they’re possibly only possible in paintings. ;-p Such paintings require a very creative mind and good drawing skills to make the image look really surrealistic.


Abstract paintings do not use real or visual objects in their images. Rather, the artist uses colours, shapes, symbols and gestures to convey the message he or she wants to through the painting. Abstract paintings can sometimes be really touching, but sometimes they can be really unexplainable too. For their deep meaning and popularity, abstract paintings are highly expensive, even though the painting may not be so appealing.


Pop Art:
Pop art refers to a comic-type art, which uses simple, patterned colours to fill in shapes or figures with boldened outlines. They are usually accompanied by an exclamatory word like ‘Wow!’.


Comic Strips:
Comic strips are quite similar to pop art, but they are accompanied by dialogues. They usually convey a story or a scene through pictures and speech bubbles. Comic books have been famous for a very long time.



Mythological Paintings:
Mytho-paintings show the stories of gods and goddesses of various cultures. It may or may not be religious. It can also be an expression of spiritual thought through images.


Digital Art:
Digital art or digital painting is very popular and advanced now. You can see that from the old animated movies to the ones releasing now. And animations are created very realistically nowadays which leave everyone fascinated at the work done by the animators. Digital art is tough to create, as it takes a long time, but gives out extremely good results, with the advancement of technology now.

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