Staying home now is the present condition, due to the Corona virus pandemic. But the once in at least a week visit to the nearby shop is inevitable for all of us. So to stay safe from this virus, I along with my family members have adopted few practices to avoid colds, coughs, and similar problems.



Whenever you go out of your front door, even if it is to your house terrace, washing hands is a good act to prevent any virus staying on your fingers or palms. No one can see the virus, hence it’s important that you wash hands regularly to avoid contact with these notorious little beasts.


We inhale steam at least thrice a day. It will help clearing your nasal passage and air tract. Inhale it in deeply, such that you can feel the heat go deep till your throat. It can help prevent colds and coughs.


When you go out, whether it is crowded or not, it’s best to wear a mask. When someone sneezes or coughs, the virus is released from their nose and it spreads to everyone around. If the sneezer had worn a mask, it would not have spread so much at all. And wearing a mask also protects you from people who spread the virus.


Sulaimani tea is something which helps in strengthening the immune system. A sweet-sour-spicy refreshing drink containing ginger, pepper, cardamom, cloves, cinnamon, tea powder and lemon juice, this drink will definitely rejuvenate you when you’re sitting at home, with lots of mundane feelings.


Some people may claim that ice creams do not bring them colds or coughs. It may be true, but this is not the time to take risks or try new experiments. If something goes wrong with your body, you can’t even ask help from the hospitals now. Hence, it’s best to avoid things that might stimulate a cold or fever.


If you go out, then it’s necessary that you take a full head-to-toe bath once you reach home. This will help in removing dirt particles from your body, and also the Corona virus, in case it has inhabited those dirt particles on your body.

Necessary precautions are supposed to be important and to be undertaken. These are for your own benefit. As the number of cases are on the rise, it’s not as simple as it was earlier. Now, it is very much possible that you might catch the virus if you meet people or go out of your house.

If you are experiencing Corona virus symptoms such as cold, cough, breathing difficulties, fever etc., immediately alert health authorities. Please do not go to a hospital directly without getting instruction from the healthcare workers. You need to be checked for the virus, before you get in contact with anyone else and spread it to them too. Still, most of the people in our country are behaving in the most foolish way, by not carrying out precautionary measures.

Now it is not that only people with underlying health conditions or affected by old age are prone to die because of this disease. Many young people have died too, leaving behind many families regretting that they didn’t take much care about their health. Now they are warning us all to not repeat their mistake and “Stay Home, Stay Safe!”.

What I Do During COVID-19 Times for my Health
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