Finally! A very impromptu series done, all with His grace! Varadar didn’t bring me to Kancheepuram for His Brahmotsavam this year too ☹️, but I still feel elated because I was atleast able to paint His various alankarams and vahanams of all days!
I consider this series incomplete in a way because I was able to paint only one out of the two vahanams on every day (except on the 3rd day) 💔.
Without the most beautiful Venugopala and Nachiyar Thirukolams, lustrous Suriya and Chandra Prabhais, Aalmel Pallaku, Mattai Adi and Vettiver Chapparam (the ones I couldn’t paint), this series can never be fully complete! So, for next year’s Brahmotsavam, “Varadhar Brahmotsavam Painting Series 2.0” will be launched! 😛 Never gonna leave you alone, Varada 🤭
A huge thank you to all the photographers at Kanchi who shared amazing photographs with live updates regularly which I was able to use as references for my paintings! So much gratitude to all of you: @kuttyshreephotography
@varadhan_clicks @saranathanke @yaazh_photography @minion_clicks @varadhan_vaibhavam
Kanchi Varadaraja Swamy Bramotsavam 2024 Paintings Series

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