Vaigaasi Brahmotsavam Day 10: ✨DWAJA AVAROHANAM✨
On the 10th and last day of the grand Brahmotsavam, Sri Varadharāja Perumal goes for a simple finish, on the Vettiver Chapparam in the evening, followed by the “Dwaja Avarohanam” or lowering of the Garudan flag hoisted on the first day. After the flag is hoisted down, Perumal along with His two divine consorts, does a quick dress change and gives darshan in the most simple attire, without all the grand maalais and jewellery. I have tried to portray the Kumbhaarathi done after which Perumal climbs up the malai and goes back to His moola sthanam in the main Varadar sannidhi.✨
The most interesting thing about this last day is its simplicity. All these 9 days, it was a display of grandeur and big celebrations, with all the grand vahanams, Garuda Sevai, Thiruther etc. But instead of an even more ‘grand’ finale, we have a simple one.
I read a blog and they mentioned this:
Have a look at the picture of this simple Perumal, it would be apparent that all the while it was Perarulalan who was adding beauty to the abharanams (jewellery and grandeur) and not the other way around.
🥹..cute! And of course, the truth!❤️

Done using Procreate on iPad ✨

Varadar Vaikasi Brahmotsavam Day 10 : DWAJA AVAROHANAM Painting

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