Fancy Fete, a day when we are really excited, is all about food, clothes, jewels, games. Fancy fete is conducted every year in my school, The Schram Academy, Chennai. The collected money will go as contribution to charity.

In my class (V-C), we formed different groups and put up stalls from where visitors can buy food and other items. Me and Nishi was in one group and we had quilling ear rings and Pani Poori in our stall. fancy-fete-2014-photo-2
And it was so much fun. I sold most of the ear rings I made with quilling and earned about Rs. 400/- which was given to the charity. fancy-fete-2014-photo-1

Fancy Fete 2014 at The Schram Academy

One thought on “Fancy Fete 2014 at The Schram Academy

  • January 6, 2015 at 11:48 am

    U did a wonderful job dear. Keep up the good work for such a wonderful purpose of charity. God bless u. Lots of wishes and blessings for u dear. Thank u for sharing.


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