Books are our eyes to the outside world. There are various types of books and many genres to select from. Reading improves one’s vocabulary and language. Thus it is necessary to pick a good book, fit for our taste.

Different people have different opinions and choices of books. Some may like fiction and despise horror, adore detective and dislike informative books. Books are the recording of the thoughts , stories, facts and knowledge. According to me, fiction is the best genre. I don’t fancy detective stories much, but love mythological books a lot.

So, when I visit the library, I make the choice of my mind depending upon whether it is meant for my age group or not. Then I see what genre it falls under. If it comes under detective or politics, it goes straight back to the shelf. If it is history or educational or literature, I consider it for some time. And finally if it’s fiction, mythology, horror or fantasy, I pick it up. This is how I choose a good book fit for my taste. I will be different for different people though.

How to Pick a Good Fit Book to Read
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