How I celebrate ONAM – My Favourite Festival

My favourite festival is Onam, the harvest festival of Kerala. I celebrate it with great joy and happiness.On the day before Onam, I go to the flower market to buy flowers for putting the pookalam.  On the day of Onam, I bath and put a big pookalam in front of my house. Then I eat my breakfast.

onam-2013We wish ‘Happy Onam’ to all our relatives. We keep the Onasadhya for Maveli in front of the vilakku. Then I and my family have the Onasadhya and drink some tasty Payasam which my mother makes. I talk with my family till evening.  I decorate the pooja room with flowers and light the vilakku and pray to God. I play for some time. Then we watch TV for some time. We eat our dinner and sleep. The next day, I wake up and get ready to go to school to tell my friends about my Onam celebration!

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