My 7th Std Art Book Drawings & Paintings

My 7th Std Art Book Drawings & Paintings. These paintings are just rough sketches done in the art note book at school. Object drawing, pencil shading, pen drawing, cartoon sketch, shapes drawing etc. My Art Note Front Page Design: Other Contents: Primary Colours Mixing & 3D Shapes Drawing Object Drawing & Pencil Shading Cartoon Drawing […] Continue reading →

Spring Season Forest Acrylic Painting

This is a new trial with acrylic on ivory sheet. Theme selected was Spring Season. So wanted to do a colorful picture. Tried making trees with different shades, so that the forest will look very colorful. Used Camlin Artists Acrylic Tubes for this painting. I liked the forest part and the mountains. But the bridge […] Continue reading →

Grade ‘A’ Award in Shoobharts Competition 2016

Won Grade ‘A’ Award in Shoobharts Competition 2016 conducted by Shoobh Group, New Delhi. Shoobh Theme of the year was “GANGA”. Participants were asked to paint the beauty of Ganga and selected paintings were awarded Grade A Award by Shoobh Jury Board headed by Senior Artist Padma Shri Anjolie Ela Menon and other leading artists. […] Continue reading →

Isolated Island Waves Painting

This is a long pending painting. I had sketched it 2 years back, but did not go on painting it. Last Month, I found the sketch in my collection and thought of finishing the work. Medium : Oil Pastels After painting this, I liked the lone snake on the tree and the big waves ready […] Continue reading →

Vishu Watercolor Painting Demo Videos

Kani Kaanum Neram Kamala Nethrante …. …. Vishu Festival is coming. This Vishu painting was done by me last year during Vishu and couldn’t publish the video till now. Atlast I managed to upload them in parts. As a first timer in recording and editing videos, there will be a lot of shortcomings in these […] Continue reading →