On August 13 we went Coimbatore.At the new bus stop,we waited for the bus which goes to Ooty.We waited and waited,till we got angry.There was a big crowd at the bus stop.We were standing in a queue there. We got angry and got a taxi. The taxi driver told us that he will take us to Ooty with another two uncles. We went in the mountains and reached Ooty.

We stayed in a hotel. That day, we went to the Botanical Garden.
meghna at ooty 1

meghna at ooty 2

meghna at ooty 3

The next day, we went to the Rose garden and the lake. We Went for boating. I played in the grass for some time.

meghna at ooty 4

meghna at ooty 6

I tried the Trampoline Jump by the lake side. Next Day, by an AC bus we went back to Chennai.
meghna at ooty 5

Our Trip to Ooty
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