This is a story written by me. Only my imagination…. 🙂

There lived a family in a town of the USA. Do you know who they were? Three little mice! Daddy mouse, Mamma mouse and two baby mice!

They lived in the house of a very rich man called Mr. Alex. He was very proud of himself as he was a rich man. He would always get angry by seeing any of the mice in his house and always try to kill them all.

If any leftover of food were kept on the table, the mice family would eat it all. Mr. Alex would get very angry on seeing this, but his wife, Mrs. Alex will never get angry on seeing them. Whenever Mr. Alex went to his club in the morning, she will give the mice family a feast. Then when Mr. Alex comes home she would hide all her mouse friends and then only open the door for him.

One day, when Mr. Alex went to his club, as usual, Mrs. Alex peeped into the mice family’s home. And she called them. But they did not come. She thought that there was some problem. She again called them. Again no reply. They did not come. She thought that they had gone somewhere. So she waited for them the whole day.

“What is this? They would never go anywhere like that.” They would tell her and only go. So she became very curious. She again went near their hole and called them. She did not get an anwer. She liked them very much and wanted to see them.

Hey! An idea struck her mind. Can the mouse family be hiding in the kitchen shelf where all the cheese is there? She ran to the kitchen and opened the shelf. But they were not there. But there was some sound coming from under a plate. It was moving also. She became scared. She gathered courage and picked up the plate. There stood the three cheese stealers! Their bellies were round in shape after eating all the cheese! They ran away from her in the morning to eat the cheese without her knowing it.


When they saw her coming, they hid themselves under a plate! Then suddenly there was a knock on the door. It was Mr. Alex! Mrs. Alex hid her friends and opened the door.

Mr. Alex came in. He was very angry. The club people threw him out of the club because he had drunk wine and said bad language to them. Then he asked Mrs. Alex for some cheese. She told Mr. Alex the cheese had got over.

The mice came back and started playing with Mrs. Alex. There was happiness in the house till Mr. Alex woke up from his sleep. Mrs. Alex and the mice family had many adventures in their life like this story.

After some years, Mr. Alex died in a car accident. Mrs. Alex was so sad. But her relief was her mice friends. She is being entertained by the mice family even now. She calls them “The Three Cheese Stealers!”

The Three Cheese Stealers – Story by Meghna
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