Wins Rangeela Chhota Bheem Send a Slogan Contest

I won a HCL Me tablet PC for sending a picture and a slogan for the Rangeela Chhota Bheem Send a Slogan Contest.



















My art teacher at school asked me to colour a picture of Chota Bheem which comes along with Rangeela Tempera Colours and give it to her.


I have coloured the picture and she had sent it to the organizers. My Slogan was : I am a Rang Raja because I am Using ‘Rangom Ka Raja’ Rangeela Tempera Colours – so Bright and Colourful.


After a week, they asked me to come for the function to be held at Hotel Dee Cee Manor at T. Nagar on March 25th.


There was an on-the spot painting contest also. I won first prize in that too and won a large set of various rangeela colours.


After that Chota Bheem came on the stage to be with winners of the slogan contest. He danced along with the children.


A magic show was also performed at the venue in which I was also asked to come on the stage for an item.


Later on, prizes were distributed for the slogan contest award winners by Chhota Bheem.



I also took some photos with Chutki banner at the venue. Dinner was also served and I returned home with my new Tablet PC.






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  1. can we send other painting

  2. can we sent other painting works?

    1. This contest was conducted last year. I do not know if they are conducting it this year too…

      1. Many kids also want to participate pls tell how to participate

    2. Slogan give

  3. Very Very nice

    1. Thank You

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