BEST FRIENDS – Poem by Meghna

Best friends forever,   my-best-friend-poem
Are always best friends,

They do sharing,
They do caring.

Best friends do anything,
Anything for their best friends

They share their food,
They share their book.

My best friend is,
My friend Adona,

She is a dear to me,
And she looks like a pear to me.

She is so cute,
She is a flute.

She sings so well,
That rings like a bell.

We first met in the third grade,
And got separated in the fourth and fifth grade.

And we hope that we are in the same class,
Same bench,
In the next year.

Anyway best friends forever,
Are always best friends.

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  1. Thank you meghna
    This proves that you really are a true friend of mine..
    You are definitely my best friend

    1. Thank You Adona…

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