I attended Berserk 2014,a three-day residential camp at ECC, Whitefield, Bangalore from 24th -27th of August.
It was a beautiful place, away from the busy city, surrounded by trees and plants everywhere. ecc-campus-2
The first program and that was the Induction and the Ice-breaker session. Ms. Reenu Vijayakumar was the event head. The inauguration happened with the Berserk Founder Ms. Uzma Irfan giving the welcome address and all the four mentor group leaders addressing the gathering. ecc-campus-1
We were given masks and stickers and they told us to decorate the mask with the stickers. When it was done, we were taken to our respective verticals, where we had to introduce ourselves. The vertical teachers told the parents what they were planning to do during the three days. berserk-inauguration-mask-painting
The next day, the wake-up call was at 7:00 am. We, the children went to the dance hall, for the warm up exercises. I was there for the art vertical conducted by the 3peel group. visual-art-studio

The first session was ‘Abstract Painting’ in which they gave us canvases to paint abstract paintings. Mrs. Ruchika Kalwra Motwani, Mr. Mahesh Pattar , Mrs. Neena Anand Vaishampayan were our teachers.
ruchika-mam mahesh-sir

My abstract painting done in that session.

Then the next session was ‘Web Designing’, by Mr. Rahul Seth, in which we were taught how to create a website using Dream Weaver. When the web designing class was about to start, I made a new friend. Her name is Ipshita Raj, even she has her own website.(you can see her website at www.ipshitaraj.weebly.com).

The next session was ‘Basic Photography’ by Rajiv and he taught us how to take good photographs. And that was the last session, after that was the playtime. We took rest, played in the swing, and we had lots of fun. Here are some photos taken by me during the session.

meghna-photography-1-1 meghna-photography-1-2
meghna-photography-1-3 meghna-photography-1-4
Next we went to the dance hall for the group session and the dance vertical mentors “Lourde Vijay Dance Company” and the Drama vertical team ‘Evam‘ entertained us with dance. berserk-2014-dance-vertical

The next day, as usual the morning exercises were done. The first session was wire sculpture, in which they taught us how to do sculptures using wire. Then was the logo designing class in which Ruchika Ma’am taught us how to create logos. They also asked us to make our own logos. I made a logo with my name initials and got awarded with a badge for my work.

The next session was really awesome. “Demonstration by Master Artist Dodamani”. What a painting it was. He took about 1 and a half hours to finish the semi abstract painting. The way the painting evolved was worth watching. The colours he used, the techniques which I was unaware of till then were used. Don’t have any words to explain the work.

After lunch, it was figurative painting on canvas. I painted a picture of my perception of the present day world and my work is selected for exhibition at Sublime Galleria, UB City at the Retrospective Berserk.
meghna-in-front-of-music-vertical-at-berserk-2014 The evening group session was conducted by 3peel. All assembled people were given a small square canvas and asked to paint a semi circle on the canvas. After every one finished, all the canvases were grouped and it was a spectacular sight.
meghna-at-music-vertical The rest of the session was conducted by the music vertical mentor Taaqademy. Enjoyed every bit of it.

The last day, we had a group activity at the Art vertical. We were grouped into 3-4 people in a group and asked to paint on big canvases. My group consisted of 3 children. We painted a good picture. After lunch we vacated the ECC campus and we taken to the UB City by bus. At UB city the Grand Finale was conducted. There were performances in dance, music, drama and also art. 4 children painted on the stage live. at-ub-city-for-berserk-2014

The various winning schools were awarded. From every vertical, there were some selected children who received prizes. All the kids were presented with certificates and gifts. From the art vertical, 8 children were selected for the scholarship and 2 kids were awarded with Club Mahindra Holiday package. I am one among the lucky winners of the Club Mahindra Holiday. berserk-2014

Here is a link to the winners list : http://www.berserk.sublimegalleria.com/2014/winners.php

We departed in the night bus, back to Chennai. It was a wonderful experience to be at Berserk. Hope I get chance to attend Berserk in the future too. 🙂

Me at Berserk 2014 Art Vertical at ECC, Bangalore and UB City

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    Thank you so much!!! You are so sweet!!!! Miss you lots.
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