My May 2017 Summer Vacation at my home Cheruthana in Alappuzha district of Kerala. I was there for the past few days on vacation. As this is summer time, it was very hot there too. But some rains in the evening brought down the temperatures.

Cheruthana is my father’s place near Haripad town. This is a quiet village, with many rice fields, greenery, rivers and beach sand. We have an ancestral Sarpa Kavu at home and conduct yearly Pooja around this time of the year. Attended this year’s pooja on 7th May. A time we meet our extended family too. 🙂

Sarpa Kavu

Then this is also the time of mangoes, jack fruit etc. My Grandma has some ‘Kanthari’ (Bird’s Eye Chilli) and other crops in the backyard. There are some cashew trees too. Taking nuts from the fruit is not an easy process, so didn’t try it. Overall, I liked my vacation with my grand parents at Cheruthana, except for the hot climate and the mosquitoes because of all the waters surrounding the area and the abundant trees.

May 2017 Vacation at Cheruthana
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